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Hygiene Diagnostics

The Centre for Hygiene and Infection Prevention of Bioscientia carries out, reports and advises on all hygienic-microbiologically relevant examinations, including the inspection of air conditioning systems in clinics and practices. Our laboratory is DAkkS-accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.



Our services:

  • Review of bioindicators as an effectiveness test of:

    • steam and hot air sterilizers (1,2)

    • Washer-disinfectors in the central sterilisation department (RDG) (1,2)

    • Washer-disinfectors in endoscopy (RDG-E) (1,2)

    • Commercial single and multi-tank dishwashers in central and ward kitchens (1,2)

    • Bedpan rinsing in the wards (1,2)

    • Washing machines in laundries, surgeries, stations (1,2)

  • Microbiological testing of rinsing liquids and swabs to check endoscope preparation (1,2)

  • Microbiological control of disinfectants from decentralized dosing units (1,2)

  • Microbiological investigations of swabs, swab and sedimentation plates in the context of environmental and personnel testing (1,2)

  • Microbiological testing of dialysis fluids (1.2)

  • Testing aqueous solutions for sterility according to the European Pharmacopoeia (1)

  • Further tests on request


1 laboratory in Ingelheim

2 laboratory in Moers

Please note the notes on measurement uncertainty.



For more information please contact:

Dr. rer. nat. Sonja Schulmeister
Tel.: +49 6132-781-197